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>> thanks so much for watching, everybody. good night.
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earthquake late this afternoon. the quake was centered right here. it's about six miles east, northeast of morgan hill. some people felt a little shaking at 4:55. the epicenter was in a rural mountainous region. only a couple calls into the newsroom from people who felt it. no injuries and no damage. pam. >> a fairfield man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl pleaded not guilty today. anthony jones is being charged with sexual assault and murder. now conaway allen's body was found in a parking lot at allen wit park in early february. jones will appear in court again later this month. new tonight at 8:00, a funeral for the teen was held today. kron4 spoke with the victim's
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family who says they are devastated by her murder. the words of a heartbroken mother, crystal conaway, here at the cemetery where the funeral was held to bury her 13- year-old daughter, janelle conaway allen. full of emotion, she could only manage a few words of praise for her daughter on this dreadful day. >> she would be happy. >> there's so much. >> janelle's older sister, says janelle had big dreams of being on stage some day. >> she sang beautifully. she wanted to make sure everybody knew. she could sing. she used to have clothes.
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she had so much energy, you know. >> kron4 news. >> a developing story tonight. the beginning of the end for what is easily the largest homeless encampment in the city of san jose. kron4 shows you where and why hundreds of illegal campers were getting the boot. >> the exact date has not been announced, but the latest word from san jose city hall is that sometime during the first week of march, the homeless people you see camped out here near the airport, directly beneath the flight path, will be asked to leave. they will be evicted and camp side here will be cleaned up. that means the 100 or so homeless people in some 70 tents and other makeshift shelters here will have to go. the coming action spurred by pressure from neighbors fed up with rising crime, trash, and unsanitary conditions fueled by fears the unprecedented grove of the camp may be the result
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of homeless people moving here from outside the region. >> cleanups are just part of an overall strategy to address a much larger problem, which is the homelessness that our community is facing. we'll move people, but we are hoping we can use that as a way to positively reenforce the access and services. >> spread across several acres of city-owned land, just south of manetta san jose international. this is by far the largest of the homeless camps around town. these people are among an estimated 7,000 homeless in santa clara county. 75% of which are living in and around downtown san jose. when the time comes, the campus will be given a 72 hour notice. the city will also offer everybody here temporary housing and offer to store their belongings on a temporary basis. in san jose, kron4 news. >> we are profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects.
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tonight, police in the south bay are searching for a bank robber. the same suspect is accused of robbing five south bay banks in the past month or so. the most recent heldup, a santa clara wells fargo that was on homestead road. it was hit two days ago. the suspect robbing a bank in san jose. one in sarasota and two in cupertino. we got our hand on surveillance images. the sheriff department describing him as a white man, between 5'6" and 6 feet tall. he also appears to be wearing a raiders hat in these images. detectives say he hands the teller a note and leaves with the cash. wells fargo is offering up to $5,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest and conviction. kron4 news. >> we had a nice day today. another one in store for tomorrow. change is coming tomorrow evening with increasing cloud
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cover and a chance for showers in the north bay. as we head into saturday, we'll see changes as well. more cloud cover, cooler temperatures. but we'll rebound into sunday. so kind of a roller coaster over the next few days. temperatures out the door tomorrow morning are going to be a little warmer than what we saw today. we're getting cloud cover up to the noh, which will keep temperatures warmer, away from the freezing mark in places like santa rosa and napa. we'll see 42 in antioch. 34 in san francisco. for the afternoon, a nice day. 62 in palo alto. in santa clara and san jose. widespread 60s for the east bay as well. low 60s along the east bay shore. 62 in union city. 63 for concord and antioch. also warmer near the coastline. in the upper 50s in ocean beach. 58 in san francisco. and namely in the 60s for north bay. a look outside on satellite and radar picture. there's that cloud cover i just mentioned, now covering the
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north bay. we have this weak system that is moving to the north of us and starting to go to south as well. cloud cover is coming in and they aren't going to get much rain. let's check it out on future cast. it does show us having clear skies into tomorrow morning. i don't see how that's going to be possible. it also keeps the rain well to the north in the 5:00 hour. that i do buy. into the 8:00 hour, you see one cell coming down by the north bay. we could get light rain up in napa county and into the delta. the 10:00 hour, though, dryer conditions. you can see a few snow flurries coming and going through early saturday morning. we are not expecting large accumulations with that, though. a look at your extended forecast again. kind of up and down this weekend. for next week as well. we have the chance of rain early saturday and then we're going to see rain pass us on monday and wednesday. the result will be the same. we'll see cloud cover, slightly cooler temperatures, but we'll rebound the next day. coming up later in this
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broadcast, a very, very special memorial for jerry in los angeles. we'll show you some of the key moments. also, danica patrick racing a tuneup this afternoon, and the warriors got rid of two guys. we'll have those stories later in this broadcast. coming up, there's a new tool to help fight in one east bay community. i'll show you where it is in the next edition of, people behaving badly. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on.
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this resident who is tired of making homes in his neighborhood. let's be clear, here, it's not just a simple fact that the homes are vacant. it has more to do when what happens when they are vacant. for example, this apartment complex located at the 14th street is unoccupied. they are about three locks on the gate and a dog inside the
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pickup truck cover to keep the unwanted out. but outside the gate is an illegal dump site with all types of trash and furniture littering the streets. a few blocks away, this house is all boarded up so no one can enter, but go up the steps, another illegal dump site. next door, another vacant apartment with old mattresses dumped on the lawn. this is exactly why the city of richmond passed an ordinance to register the property with the city. the city of richmond will know who to contact. this house is deemed unsafe, but apparently, someone kicked the front door in and may be inside. on the front lawn, this lovely couch. in fact, couches seem to be the item of choice when it comes to illegal dumping. this new ordinance will give richmond code enforcement another tool to cut down on blight. if you aren't aware, it's what
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makes your neighborhood look bad. these guys just finished putting up new plumbing at a house that was stripped twice before. now the house has been sold. this means there is home for some of these. but before there's hope, there needs to be help. holding property owners responsible is the help. in richmond, stanley robert, kron4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at
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still ahead, why the search associated with a killer is now over in the central valley. and incredible video out of colorado. skiers survive being buried by an avalanche. that's next. >> we have some increasing cloud cover through north bay right now. this is going to help keep temperatures warmer overnight. i'll show you what you can expect coming up. well, well, well.
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developing tonight, the latest search for a human remains associated with the killers is now over in the central valley. kron4 reports, agents say they were not able to find human remains of any other victims in the case. >> despite our intention of recovering remains of alleged victims, the effort failed to locate any human remains. >> with that, this search to find human remains associated with the serial killers, and
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the late lauren herzog came to a close. >> a debris field was located 95 feet below ground level, which was excavated and sifted and examined. >> written numerous letters over the years. he previously identified locations in calveras and san joaquin county. human bone fragments were found, but nothing recovered in this most recent dig. >> i'm disappointed. i'm disappointed not because of the work we did and the cost, there's no dollar amount you can put on what these families are thinking. >> the six-week excavation caused $200,000. in the mist of the search, he wrote one letter saying the fbi was digging in the wrong spot, something agents say is just not true. >> i will tell you this. i stood wright where shermantime stood. he said with 70% certainty that
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he dumped bodies at this location. >> those here at the fbi office in sacramento tell me they tried to talk with wesley on tuesday, but say he refused to meet with them. in sacramento, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> funeral services were held by one of the victims by dorner. today, hundreds of people crowded into an amp theater for his funeral. dorner shot and killed deputy mccay before killing himself during a fiery standoff at a cabin in the mountains of san bernardino. deputy mccay leaves behind a wife and two children. >> obviously, i think he should be in favor of any human rights issues and this comes down to a human rights issue. people separated out for too long and i think they should
8:33 pm
all have equal rights. >> locals giving their opinions on the same-sex marriage debate as president obama considers weighing in on the california case. the obama administration is deciding whether to urge the u.s. supreme court to overturn california's gay marriage ban. california voters approve the ballot initiative in 2008 with overturned a state supreme court decision. 29 other states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. nine states and washington, d.c. recognize same-sex marriages. president obama has one week from today to get involved in the u.s. supreme court case. now, one month into the second term, a new poll shows president obama has the majority of the country's support. according to a cnn poll, 52% approve of how he is handling his job as president 43% disapprove. the poll is an average of four national surveys of the president's approval rating conducted over the last eight
8:34 pm
days. tonight, a winter storm blasting much of the united states again. the last thing people want or need is more bad weather, but, residents in 20 states are bracing for another hit. as kron4 shows you, it's even snowing in the desert. >> you don't see this every day, or almost any day for that matter. snow in tucson, arizona, and st. louis officials are warning people to prepare for the worst. >> the biggest problem is, they come in with avengeance. when it starts, it is going to cover up quickly. our visibility is going to go away. the important part is to hunker down somewhere. >> missouri's governor declared a state of emergency. flights are being canceled at airports across the midwest, leaving some people with an unplanned stay in a snowy state. >> our luggage is already in nashville. we're not. >> about 60 million people
8:35 pm
across 750,000 square miles are living under storm watches and warnings. snowplows and salt trucks are ready to clear roads. the st. louis mayor says that the snow itself is not the biggest threat. >> my biggest concern is the worst case scenario. there's going to be a major ice storm and lengthy and widespread power outages. >> the potential upside, drought relief like nebraska, kansas, and oklahoma. but a silver lining may be comfort on a day like this. katherine, kron4 news. >> that quote you heard is absolutely right. the biggest threat of this storm is the eye. take look at our national temperatures. look at this region north and northeast. temperatures all below freezing. at freezing or below freezing at this hour. as we take a look at satellite and radar, you see a lot of rain that will be moving into that region. you have already freezing temperatures at the ground and then rain pushing in and that's going to mean freezing rain in
8:36 pm
those regions. ice is a big concern in those locations and places where you see snow. we aren't expecting heavy snowfall and accumulations. ice is the major threat. freezing rain, sleet, all through the region. northeast, and up in the chicago area. take a look at our current conditions. we have, obviously, much more comfortable. we are dealing with high temperatures today, we're in the 60s for the most part. take a look at our current conditions. very mild, 50 degrees in napa. 50 in redwood city and san francisco. satellite radar showing cloud cover coming down from the north. that's going to help keep us warmer for tomorrow morning. but we also have changes coming into the afternoon. we do have a system up to the north that we shouldn't see a lot of rain from, but definitely going to get cooler temperatures. i'll tell you when that will roll in coming up in a bit. >> take a look at this. an avalanche at a denver ski
8:37 pm
resort, bury skiers up to their heads. check this out. we have a guy who is buried up to his head. there you can see him. he has a good attitude. he is smiling about it. he knows people are there to dig him up. 15 people were swept up in this avalanche, which was 300 feet wide. you can see him getting out in much better shape than he was. a mountain gave way. some skiers were able to ride the snow to safety. others buried over their heads. amazingly, everyone made it out with just bumps and bruises. and new video released from a crash involving a school bus and a commuter school bus. keep your eye on the school bus. it cuts off the commuter bus and the commuter bus then just plows over trees and signs. there's the driver to the right of your screen trying to manage the bus after getting cut off. this is in old bridge, new jersey. the school bus ended up slipping on its side. you can see the commuter bus
8:38 pm
back there. here's the school bus with a lot of damage. however, fortunately, the good news here, no passengers were on the school bus. no students on the school bus. there were people on the commuter bus. only two people on that commuter bus suffering serious injuries. >> this could next big thing. a new social networking website and app that blends elements from facebook, twitter, tumbler, and instagram is getting a lot of buzz. that's coming up in my tech report. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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now for today's market update. a weak set of economic data released sent stocks lower. the government said more people apply for unemployment benefits last week and this caused the dow to lose 47 points. the nasdaq dropped 32. close at 1,502. now, time for the kron4
8:41 pm
tech report. >> here's a look at what could be the next big thing. a new social network called feed. that is spelled pheed. right now it's a website and app for apple devices. it's coming to the android platform soon. some tech analysts are saying it could be the next twitter. this los angeles based startup launched only two months ago and already the pheed app climbed up the top apps charts. it is now sitting number one in the social category. surpassing both twitter and facebook. pheed is a social media platform. trying to take the best aspects from the social networks and combine them into one ultimate social network. anyone can have a feed. a feed is like your only channel to broadcast whatever you want. videos. or you can post just audio clips. you can post pictures or just
8:42 pm
texts and of course, make comments on anything you or anyone else has posted. it doesn't put any restrictions on its media. so audio clips and video clips can be as long as it wants. apps that have restraints on size. other teens are boosting pheed's pop popularity. they can broadcast exclusive content on their channel. bottom line right now, pheed is popular with teenagers. teens are moving away from pacebook and using other social networks. it's possible teenagers might make pheed the next facebook. i asked them how they are handling their overnight success and surprised how the new teen demographic has chosen them as the new place to be
8:43 pm
online. >> the power that a couple teens can have to make something go viral in a way that, you know, we would have thought a celebrity with millions of twitter followers would have done. we never could have expected anything like this. >> kron4 news. >> take a look at the next generation of cell phones. this phone is transparent. the taiwan division spent six years developing this prototype. the company says it is scratch and shatter proof. the only parts of the phone that are not transparent are the battery and circuit board. hit the market by the end of the year. while the price is top secret. it is rumored to cost less than the iphone 5. the warriors trade a couple players today. gary has those details straight ahead. plus, it all comes down to one shot as cal looks. gary shows you what happens. next.
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an ancient meeting place where you can enjoy wine and fine food and great art. you don't have to go to the southern mediterranean to find it. it's right here in the south bay. odium restaurant is a taste of the mediterranean in the heart of morgan hill. >> we are here. we have an open kitchen, a rotating art exhibit with local artists. >> an artistic expression. >> some place that we want people to feel like family. >> that is part of the charm. >> live from maine, doesn't get fresher than this, does it? >> traditionally, the italian way of doing it. >> everything is made from scratch. >> everything here is made in house. breads, sauces, pastas. >> we select produce locally. our need is local. >> all natural.
8:47 pm
>> from their local garden to local visitors, they have their own olive oil. >> i throw the ingredients at sal and he comes up with something magical every time. >> i like what he says. >> that looks like enough for ten people. >> i know, it's good. it's really good. >> they try a lot of things and they have new experiences and they love coming back to try different things. >> having a mission on my belt, they really, you know, i feel like every dish has my name on it and so i need to take extreme pride in love and passion for what i'm serving. >> here for a treat. >> the pizza coto, sauteed lobster and the delicate -- to find out more, go to our website at and click on dine and dish. in morgan hill, i'm vicki. kron4 news. >> we have another nice day in store for tomorrow. slightly warmer temperatures
8:48 pm
out the door. mild in the afternoon, but increasing clouds through the evening and a chance of light showers in the north bay. into saturday, things will cool off, but we will go back sunday afternoon. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, real nice in the low 60s for the most part. 62 down in san jose. we could hit these 60s briefly up in the north bay and start to cool things down about 5:00 or earlier than that, actually, just because we'll have that cooler air coming down from the north. as you can see here on satellite and radar, we have clouds coming down from north right now. a weak system passing us to the north. cooler air is going to start to filter in and we'll have a chance of rain into tomorrow late evening. so here's a look on future cast. the 5:00 hour, the rain still well to the north and you can see it is drying up as it moves to the south. we have a cell here that could move through napa valley and towards the delta by 8:00 and 10:00 hour, just the cloud cover. let's watch the tahoe region, could see snow out there into
8:49 pm
the overnight hours. but again, not going to be a big rainmaker, just light, light showers for both local and the sierra region. we'll take a look at the sierra forecast. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. a chance of snow and notice temperature wills be taking a dive into saturday, only at 30 degrees saturday afternoon. warming up a little bit into sunday. a look at your extended forecast. our forecast is going to be up and down. tomorrow, nice and mild. down on saturday, and i up on sunday. still mild throughout the next seven days. now, a check up on your ski report. we did see some lingering flurries yesterday into early tomorrow morning. so we pick up a new inch of snow. if you'd like more information on these ski resorts, including discount list tickets, log on to all right, cal basketball,
8:50 pm
their first game since the mike montgomery shove day. here's allen crab, the young man in question. he had 12 points, five rebounds. oregon has had cal's number. up in eugene for years and years, but tonight, something good is about to happen. the layup, the foul, robert tied at 56. and justin cobb is going to rise. and cal wins, what a defensive struggle. 48-46. bears won six of their last seven and it's just what they needed. an upset win on the road to get people talking about basketball and not montgomery. bears now 17-9. 9-5 in the league. and ncaa tournament burst alive. trading deadline has come and gone. not much doing around the league. some in the middle, thompson is
8:51 pm
going to stay with golden state. the two fellas on the inside is gone and as pam described a cost cutting move, good-bye to charles jenkins. he traded philadelphia for a draft choice and this young, tyler jeremy left high school and when he was 16 to play overseas, hasn't worked out. now he goes to the atlanta hawks. the warriors again, saved some money, get under the salary cap. nothing of import in the nba regarding trade today. the memorial, beautifully done at staple center, at the nokia theater. of course, her boyfriend, phil jackson, soon to be her husband if you go through with it. riley, of course magic and shaq. it was well done. they had all the people important to jerry's franchise up there speaking. magic is giving the old l with his fingers. that's the laker's sign.
8:52 pm
>> he gave me everything i wanted. i wanted one excuse and he gave it to me. the third extension, he traded me. >> the celebration of life. this is a celebration of suspect. we shouldn't be sad. we should be happy that this man enjoyed his life and did it his way. >> east coast arguments out of boston, but that is very well under bus, the greatest franchise in nba history. most of pro football gathered in indianapolis for the college scouting combine. so everybody is talking. they are wondering what about alex smith's future. obviously he's not working out. i have to say this, i love you, i love you, until i find somebody i love better and that's what happened to harbaugh. trent is speaking today about
8:53 pm
randy moss. that also was a big question on everybody's mind. again, the word on smith is the 49ers are not going to give them away. they will try to trade him. as for moss who had a statistical semibomb this year, but listen to bulky, but the last words about keeping him, that's what counts. here it is. the general manager of the 49ers talking loud, but in the end, saying nothing. >> can't say enough good things about him. if you ask anyone within our organization, they will say the same thing. one of the first guys to work every day, one of the last to leave, probably one of the smartest football players, if not the smartest football player i've been around. it was a near leader in that group. so, we are certainly happy that he was there. is he going to return this year? i don't know. >> now he's gone. but i think this shifts into a turn to my right and very happy
8:54 pm
to see that vicki liked the restaurant tonight. that set the tone for the rest of us. if she goes in, has a good meal, you know, it makes you feel happy? >> makes me hungry. >> exactly. she could have said, dine and dish. what am i eating? this stuff stinks. she didn't. i don't know. >> hungry now? >> what's the name of the place? i want to go down there. >> morgan hill. >> it's in morgan hill? they had an earthquake today. odium's in morgan hill. fabulous food. vicki is not one, she's our weekend anchor. she's not going to risk her credibility by saying she liked a restaurant if it is not something she 100% believed. >> tiger woods on the course today. pam looks at me like i'm crazy after 21 years. when nobody is looking, she
8:55 pm
says, man he's an honest man. and once the snow cleared, here is tiger. he is matched up again. my favorite family money name. charles howell, iii. he hasn't had a job in his life except golf. when he beat woods for the first time in his career, woods eliminated by family money. >> chuckie played well. i felt i played well, too. chuck made a couple more birdies than i did and consequently, he's advancing. >> he's advanced three. hinge on tiger woods. a couple weeks ago at pebble beach, listen, without woods, nothing flies in golf. woods loses, as does roy. so good luck this weekend getting eyeballs to the television set for this. when we come back, danika patrick.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
all right, real quick. danika patrick. she is the first woman to hold a poll position. it is said the dual 250. they have it on thursday and friday. kevin harvick with his baby boy on hand. danika leads the line. playing it safe, finished 17th. of course, nobody will remember this thing on a thursday. sunday it's a big deal for patrick. >> yeah, it is.
8:59 pm
good night, everybody. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show

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